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I was invited to join a team of artists who were making work in response to a series of conferences and workshops held with scientists that concentrate on the field of cross pollination. Project leader Andrea Leadsom had seen some large insects that I had constructed previously for Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm in Pembrokeshire, and wanted me to create a honey bee from recycled steel. It was felt that this would fit into the ethos of the project and make an interesting focal point in the National Botanic Gardens of Wales for visitors to the gardens to look at, also helping to highlight the issue of threatened cross pollinators in the rural landscape.

I started with a visit to the scrap yard and selected various items that I felt would be useful in construction.

At this point, I stood back to assess the basic proportions, and realised that the body was too long and would more resemble a wasp than a bee

I started to add parts of the fire extinguishers to give more of an insect shape to the legs

With the addition of wings and pollen to the legs, it was ready for delivery to the gardens